VIFHA AGM - Monday August 15 at 7 pm

Posted by Vancouver Island Field Hockey Association (Men) on Aug 07 2016 at 04:38PM PDT in Season 2015-16

What: VIFHA AGM & Season start-up meeting
When: Monday, August 15, 2016 at 7:00-9:00pm
Where: PISE conference room at Commonwealth Pool, 4636 Elk Lake Dr

a) approval of agenda
b) approval of previous minutes
c) business arising from the minutes
d) executive reports
e) financial statements
f) budget
g) ratify new dues
h) next year’s format.
i) elections
j) appointment of financial reviewer
j) any new business

Start of season meeting.


a) declare teams
b) proposed membership & fee deadline – Team lists in by September 2, 2016. I’d set the administrator to verify FHBC by September 9, 2016. Fee deadline should be October 15, 2016.
c) ratify team fee
d) ratify rules & regs
e) distribute rules & regs
f) ratify schedule, game times, game format, game cards, etc.
g) ratify FIH rules


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